Chad Bell

Owner / Coach

CrossFit Level I – 2009
B.S. – Criminal Justice Management, UI&U

I was always seeking a “better” workout, something more challenging which could hold my interest and I could stick with. In 2008, a friend told me about CrossFit and said it was the hardest workout he had ever done, which challenged me to try it. I invited my wife, Rebecca, to try that first class with me. She loved the workout and actually did very well for her first time. I, however, couldn’t even finish that first workout. It humbled me and I was hooked… Since then, I have been dedicated to the sport of CrossFit, which eventually changed my diet and my lifestyle. Our shared passion and respect for CrossFit has led us to opening our own gym in the heart of the Mt. Helix community where Rebecca was raised and where we raise our 5 children.

I am available for personal training by appointment, specializing in Academy / Military preparedness.

Rebecca Bell

Owner / Coach

CrossFit Level I

I fell in love with CrossFit after I completed my first WOD. The high intensity and constantly varied movements challenged my body and stimulated my mind. I had been stuck in the same gym routine for years and welcomed the much needed change. My husband and I quickly embraced CrossFit as a lifestyle, not just a hobby, or a workout. After consistently CrossFitting for many years, and working at various gyms, we wanted to introduce CrossFit to the Mt. Helix Community.
I believe in CrossFit, I believe it can change your life. I love walking into our gym everyday and seeing people transform themselves. The most rewarding thing to me is to see people accomplish things they never thought possible. CrossFit makes people strong, both physically and mentally, builds confidence, and allows magic to happen.

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